Irish Road Signs Quiz - Android

Road Signs Logo Are you studying for the Irish Driver Theory test or preparing for your practical driving test in Ireland or even an experienced driver looking to brush up on your driving knowledge?

Then the Irish Road signs Quiz app is the app for you. It is currently the only app available for android market in Ireland which really puts you through your paces and thoroughly tests your knowledge of the Irish road signs, and its FREE. This app will determine who is on a par with "The Stig" and who is "Driving Miss Daisy".

This app gives you the freedom to test your road sign knowledge whenever or wherever you are with no need for a laptop to play a CD or bulky books to be carried around. Whether you are waiting for that bus that never turns up on time or sitting in the back seat of a car dreaming about being in the driving seat then this is the app for you.

Scan the qr code or click the link below to visit the market and download the quiz
QR Code Available in Android Market


Share facility on main menu allowing you to let your friends know about your exciting discovery. Share can be directed to whatever social media is most appropriate to you.


Link to "Find an Instructor" allows you to search for an instructor by county and when list of instructors appears users will be given details of each driving school's Website, email , and telephone number all of which can then be instantly accessed by clicking on the appropriate link.

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The main part of the app is the quiz which is subdivided by the 5 different categories of signage seen on Irish roads today as designated in the official rules of the road published by the Road Safety Authority (RSA). The 5 categories of signage are:

Each time the quiz is taken the user will be presented with 45 questions, 10 each from the first 4 categories and 5 from the 5th category (motorway signs) Each section will be allotted a very short time allowance equivalent to 3seconds per sign. No slow coaches here. Total length of time to take each quiz is 2mins 15 secs.

Each section follows the same format, a sign is displayed with the correct answer and 2 random incorrect answers shown to the right of the sign simply select what you think is the correct explanation for the sign by tapping the appropriate box and the next sign will be presented.


At the end of each category of signage the next category will automatically begin to be displayed. This will continue until all 5 categories have been completed at which time you will be given your overall score (out of 45) and the score will also be broken down by each of the categories so you can quickly assess if there is a particular category which needs more work than another.


The quiz can be retaken as many times as desired. Every road sign included in the rules of the road is included in the quiz and could be asked. When the quiz is completed there is an option to post/share your results with your friends on Facebook.

We really hope that you enjoy taking this quiz yourself and sharing it with your friends and that you find it a good source of revision no matter what stage you are in your driving career. We hope to develop this app further in the near future so look out for updates and upgrades as we continually try to improve our product to you. GOOD LUCK.